Gary Saunt, artist

Artist Statement

This is Gary.His visual realism portrays everyday objects, local scenes, celebrities, topical themes. Yet this rich story of the familiar is staged within a context of dreamscapes. You find yourself returning to the images to find more detail and connections - very absorbing. The paintings sometimes also include elements from each other, setting up a dialogue across the collection.

Somewhat separately he also sees aviation as a worthy dicipline - just like landscape or still-life. He values the luminosity of the sky acting upon the varied airframes (metallic, canvas, perspex etc.) and the freedom of orientation in which aircraft may be posed. While some of his aviation work revolves around more photo-realistic studies, some of the action compositions also echo that dream-like quality of his other work.

The Prints

Naturally the watermarked images published on this site are only 'small scale' (about 1/10th resolution of the originals). You will find the actual works are vividly detailed and when viewed as lager prints they become compelling and much more immersive.


If you are interested in obtaining any signed prints or just have a comment you can email Gary at jagsaunt {AT} (replace {AT} with @).

Gary Saunt Digital Fine Art Painting

Gary Saunt Digital Fine Art Painting