Gary Saunt, artist
Salt gallery poster for gary saunts exhibition 2021

Gallery @ Salt is exhibiting a selection of Gary Saunt's work, including many new paintings, from the 29th of November 2021 to January 2022. There will be an opening event on Friday the third of December.

The Painter's Contract - Trickery, Illusion & Magic

With a little whimsy, I sometimes select and juxtapose subject matter. That is about the extent of narrative in my painting.

So do not look for messages. I do not paint dogma or philosophy. My subjects are just painted things, tokens with which to bargain with you the observer.

That is because you are as important as the picture at which you gaze. In fact my whole craft is really dedicated to your side of the contract.

Each picture's surface is carefully encoded with marks; colour, line, texture, perspective, light & shadow. From this palette of tricks I bargain with you; conjuring a world through the flat plane. All are illusions betwixt foreground and horizon.

Yet secretly, it is all more profound than that.

The sigils emerge from the picture surface but already the illusion has leapt onto your visual cortex, my true canvas.

Now it is time for your side of the visual bargain. Please begin the real magic . . . you seeing my pictures - just for a spell.

G E Saunt, December 2021

Gary Saunt Digital Fine Art Painting

Gary Saunt Digital Fine Art Painting